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Author Topic: FuzzyBear PPC Escrow Service  (Read 28 times)

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FuzzyBear PPC Escrow Service
« on: October 07, 2013, 06:27:00 pm »
Hello everyone,

Well with PPC on the up and up most people who have invested in Peercoins have found that now they are sitting on a nice little fortune of the coins and it would be a shame to see the scams of bitcoin being carried out on Peercoin as well.  No I am not about to open up my PirateAtFuzzy Investment Fund with 7% interest per week :P

Instead I would like to offer a useful genuine service of Escrow.

Escrow makes the use of known trustworth third party members in the community to "hold" funds and only release them once both parties agree that shipping has been made and payment should be made.  John K offers such a service for bitcoin and I thought it was about time we had a similar service for Peercoin.

My fee is only 1% and for your own peace of mind when buying good and items off unknown seller on the forum this is the best way to avoid being scammed.

Any questions please do ask

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