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Author Topic: Sys beeeeer.org stats  (Read 1136 times)

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Re: Sys beeeeer.org stats
« Reply #45 on: Today at 08:52:46 am »
How many blocks are shown at the "Show payout details" page?

All blocks that are valid for not paid payouts, the next block at the bottom would been green again since it reached the treshold but as it got paid already (if everything is correct) is not relevant anymore :)

I might remove the full list since it's cachefile is ~1 mb big for "old miners" growing fast, my cache folder contains 596 files, 75 mb total.

But site generation itself is so much faster with the database backend, i could turn off caching for sumary but since i only query your server every 10 mins, no point in generating it more often  8)i also removed around 300 mb of block and payout data i was parsing at the end  ;D;D;D
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beeeeer.org stats


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Re: Sys beeeeer.org stats
« Reply #46 on: Today at 05:41:21 pm »
I have been noticing that the ETA value jumps around quite a lot; on my most recent payout it just went from 6h (ridiculous for 3200 confirms) to 43.1 h (more reasonable). Can anybody tell me how it is calculated? I would expect to see in the neighborhood of 2 days at inception slowly decreasing over time, not jumping all over the place; am I missing something?

EDIT: The absurdly low value is on the summary if you click on "highschore"; it is more well behaved on the other links...
EDIT: The absurdly low value is now on every page links...

I also noticed on the blocks 197702 has turned orange with strike-out text and zero payout; is that an orphaned block?
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