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So it looks like everyone's favorite Bitcoin charity ( main URL , Bitcoin Magazine article, and another ) is accepting Litecoin donations too, and has gotten quite a substantial amount of support from the LTC community, so I thought that we should get the ball rolling for Primecoin and PPCoin as well.

Here's how I think I'll set this up. I'm setting the targets of 250 XPM and 1000 PPC, and we'll make a race between the two currencies. The first currency to get to 90% of the goal (225 XPM or 900 PPC) wins and I will personally cover the remaining 10% (I'll donate 25 XPM or 100 PPC even if the value donated immediately overshoots the target). If you want to make a pledge, you can send it to AM9jeKLbEyh34SH31vVc47Mt9Fy7m1jbnT (XPM) or PRhm9ZtQ3DzvpVzV9FFfLEDK7M14ntcZWU (PPC) . Currently the above addresses are my own; once Jason gives us an address then I will send over the funds and replace my address with his own in this post. If this idea falls through for whatever reason, then I will refund the money right back to whatever address you sent it from.

Proof you can trust me: I'm the main writer for

Let's see how generous this community can be!

Latest numbers are:

XPM: 147.63 / 225
PPC: 700.00 / 900