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Re: Greetings
« Reply #15 on: September 05, 2013, 02:54:21 pm »
Agree, anyway, people are calling it more Peercoin or PPC these days than PPCoin. Really it's only other coin supporters who are making fun of the name anymore. It's become a rather non-issue at this point for most of us.

Sunny I believe, is working full force on PPC right now. I too was worried that valuable time was wasted on Primecoin development, but he assured us that it was temporary and largely over once the Primecoin launch was done (which it is now). I do worry Primecoin proves to be an ongoing attention drain from PPC in the future, but somehow I think Sunny, Fuzzy and others are able to straddle the two coins effectively. I believe at any rate Sunny has no intentions to create any more coins. Guidance, marketing and upgrades are the game plan now.

I don't think Sunny will pursue VC as that would entail disclosure of his identity and lead to potential developmental control hassles. People 'invest' in PPC mostly by buying/minting coins and then donating their skills or paying others to help the coin (as Sentinelrv and others did with the logo contest). Sunny has contacts any ways. He is building a nice base of supporters (including us).

I agree Sentinelrv. I think one kick-ass, super well designed website for both Primecoin and Peercoin would be a smart move. I would make it highly polished (like our logo is) and cleverly thought out. I would make it beautiful, sexy, informative, brilliantly written and easy. And if/when Primecoin dies down in the years to come it can morph into a mostly Peercoin website.

I agree. And I think it's the next step we should be taking now.
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