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Author Topic: proportional difficulty by ypool  (Read 268 times)

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proportional difficulty by ypool
« on: August 18, 2013, 08:17:05 am »
Currenly the fractional part of Primecoin's difficulty is highly non-linear. The integer part is not proportioinal actual mining difficulty, either. I wonder if ypool could come up with a proportional difficulty so that when it increases we see proportional increase of actual mining difficulty (i.e. how many machine hours are used to find a block).  A proportional difficulty is useful for miners to estimate return.

Ypool has a statistically significant sample of workers. One could multiply time-per-round by the total share values for the round, then time-average the result to get a proportional difficulty index. Because share values are assigned artificially to different chain lengths, sub-indices can be made by substituting total share values with total 6(or 7,8,9,10)-chain numbers in the round in the calculation.

I don't know how this index is related to the integer part of Primecoin's difficulty, though.
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