Getting Started - Setting yourself up with the PPCoin wallet

Welcome to PPCoins!!! Lets start by walking through the set-up instructions for the current 0.2 PPCoind.exe wallet.

For a GUI wallet download here

Original PPcoin wallet Installation

I have installed this successfully on a Win 7 x64bit OS, but feel free to post questions on other OS... if there are big important areas to discuss I can move and create a new topic for discussion

1) "Download ppcoin-0.2.0-win32-setup.exe (2.7 MB)" source files from here...

2) Install the files and wallet on ur pc using the wizard step by step instructions...

3) Once that done, click the start menu in windows taskbar... open a CMD (search cmd in the search box if u not sure)

4) use the commands in the CMD...

cd program files (x86)
cd ppcoin
cd daemon

to navigate to the folder in the CMD... it will be in this window that we run queries on the wallet once it is set-up correctly.

5) Now click the start menu in windows taskbar and search for: %appdata%

this will open ur "roaming" folder in a windows explorer and open the folder marked "ppcoin"

6) Now make a text file document in this folder and copy the following into the doc and save it as "PPCoin.conf" (you will need to take the .txt option off when saving it)

Example of config file here...
just be sure to change the lines:


7) Now run the program... C:\Program Files (x86)\PPCoin\daemon\ppcoind.exe (by double clicking the program from windows explorer)

8) Finally go back to your CMD and type:

ppcoind.exe help - tp see a list of ur commands
ppcoind.exe getinfo - to see the info on ur wallet

If u get the error message server could not be found... wait 30 sec and try the cmds again.. as the server takes a little time to load...and feel free to post any issues you have in here :)

NOTE: There is a miner built into the wallet that can be activated.. look in the "Solo Mining" section on the Forum to find out what to change in the config files.

Hope this helps :)

Now be sure tio check out what PPCoin websites there are out there, mining pools, exchanges and much more -


All donations greatly appreciated:

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