New Pool opened at bitparking

Many thanks to doublec for starting a PPCoin pool. It's based on the merge mining pool doublec runs but doesn't merge mine, it only mines PPCoin.

Mining Port: 20098
Pay Per Share (PPS)
Instant Payout
Pays Invalids/Orphans
Miner can select difficulty
Simple registration. Just set your username, coin addresses and mine.
Block/User stats
doublec has kept everything deliberately sparse. Coin addresses can't be edited once created (by design) but you can register a new username anytime with new addresses. This is to prevent unauthorized people modifying addresses.

Large hashrate miners can choose to set their own difficulty to mine at. To do this set your password to be "d=8" to mine at difficulty 8. Change '8' to any number less than the current PPCoin difficulty. Your payment per share will be that 'd' value times the PPS value listed on the site.

PPS value is calculated as: (current block value) / difficulty * 0.975 which is a 2.5 percent fee.

When proof of stake starts working doublec will be investigating paying out proof of stake rewards based on user balances.

Nice work doublec :)